About Me

I'm a mama to four amazing, challenging, messy, strong-willed, creative kids. My husband and I were crazy and decided that having kids every twenty-two months sounded like it would be a good idea - then we could have a little band of built-in friends (we moved a LOT with the military), and it would be awesome. Well, it is awesome, but it is also hard! It's also a big reason I got into photography the way I did. My kids' early years have gone by in a blur - in part because they are so close and in part because babies and toddlers and just kids in general grow so quickly and move so quickly that you really do feel like you blink and they've gone from baby to pre-teen and you don't know how or when it happened! Being a visual person, I clung to photography as a way of recording their little toes, chubby baby cheeks, and those long eyelashes that just melt my heart. Photographing these things for other mamas seemed only natural.

In my life outside of photography, I love reading, which is what spurred the naming of my business. When I was a kid, I used to read anything I could get my hands on. I love Harry Potter (I'm a Hufflepuff, in case you wanted to know!). I grew up speaking both German and English, and had a love of travel, culture, and language instilled in me from the time I was wee, as a result, I think - we lived in Germany when I was little, and I went again for an exchange year right after high school. Being a mom has gotten me into fitness - having babies is hard on your body and mind, and it's kind of become my zen time, along with editing. I think it's important to have something that you can claim as an identity outside of being a mom, even though that is still such an important part of who I am.