Black and white photo of a father and his newborn son by San Angelo newborn, maternity, child, family photographer, Deirdre Lewis


Session Costs:
I love, love, love helping to design a session for your family to tell some kind of story, whether it’s a simple story of the new little fingers and toes and love or a more intricate setup.  It’s so important to me to be able to do this, which is why I do pre-session consultations – it helps me to make your session fit you and to know how to photograph the session to fit what products you want to get from your session.  My newborn sessions cost $250, and maternity and child sessions cost $175.  My sessions do include lo-res copies of all of the final images from your session, but do not include high-res digitals.  I want you to have beautiful heirloom physical copies of the images from your session.  I have searched through and tried out print labs and products to bring you things that I think will add beauty to your story and your home.  Print prices begin at $10 for gift prints (wallet-sized through 5x7s).  I also offer other products, including standouts, which begin at $45 and albums, which begin at $65.  I love albums!  What better way to tell a story?  Not to mention that children LOVE looking through photos of themselves in their mommy’s tummy and as a baby.

“They were like my favorite story books, only better because I knew the characters personally.
I was a character.  And the stories were mine, my family.” – Heather Robinson

Rewards Programs:

Maternity/Newborn Package: These two sessions truly are part of the same story; those moments leading up to holding your newborn baby in your arms right through to actually holding that sweet little bundle and breathing in that new baby smell and hearing those little newborn noises.  The absolutely best: anticipation to realization.

Baby’s First Year: Your baby’s first year holds so much change and so many accomplishments and milestones.  I offer a program to help you remember some of the big milestones in this first year.  It goes from the newborn session, to pushing up on their tummy, sitting, standing and first birthday; the middle three are usually around the 3,6 and 9 month marks, but every baby is different!  Participating in this program gives you discounts on each subsequent session, and at the end, we can design a beautiful album for you to show your child the memories of this amazing time in his or her life.

(View a video example of the Baby’s First Year program here.)

Grow With Me: I also offer a program for older children and for families that is somewhat similar to the Baby’s First Year; this entails having a session in each season of the year to see how your children and family change throughout the year.  Participating in this program gives you discounts on each subsequent session.  We could design an album at the end of the year from your sessions, and voila! A family yearbook to cherish for years to come (not to mention a great Christmas gift!).

*Prices are subject to change at any time.

** I do have a military special.  Please contact me for more information.

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  1. Hello i was wondering what you charge for a maternity shoot. We’re also military. Thank you.

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