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Hi there!  If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a sweet, little bundle, or perhaps you’ve just had your baby.  Congratulations!  Whether this is your first or tenth baby, I’m sure you know how amazing it is to have grown and given life to a new person.  Those first two weeks are different from most any of the others you will experience, which is why I believe in newborn photography.  Especially with my first child, those weeks were a blur.  In my memory, I barely remember what she looked like.  My in-laws gifted us with a photo session at a department store and, while it’s nice to have them, I wish that I had known as much about newborn photography then as I do now or that I had gone to a professional photographer who specialized in it.  The photographer had no idea what she was doing and the photos are pretty much akin to something I could have done myself at that time.  That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Since then, I have done and continue to do numerous workshops to learn as much as I can about photography, and especially about newborn photography.  Babies change so much so quickly!!  Okay, off of my soapbox.  Here’s the information you’re looking to find out.


When should I schedule my newborn session?

You should schedule your newborn session before your baby’s birth, so that I can put your baby’s due date in my calendar and pencil you in!  Contact me in your second trimester and I’ll get you in the books for the session, as well as schedule a consultation.  At the consultation, we will plan out your baby’s session (colors, themes, lifestyle vs studio posing, etc) and just get to know one another.  Babies always come when they want to, of course, and that doesn’t necessarily coincide with your due date, so don’t worry about that – we will make it work!  (My babies were all “late” by at least a week!)  Give me a call or send me an email when baby is actually born and we’ll schedule the session.  I find that newborn sessions work best within those first two weeks, so I will schedule within that time frame.

Where will my newborn session be?

You can choose to have your newborn session in my in-home studio or I can come to your home to do the session there.  Sessions done in my studio are held in the afternoon, as the light is beautiful and it is nice and warm – just like your baby likes it!  Doing a life-style session is best in your home, because it truly captures your lives as they are.  I can bring some of my props and I have a travel posing bag, so doing a mix is totally possible!  If the weather is good for it, doing an outdoor session is also a possibility, but outdoor sessions will either be done early in the morning or in the evening.  This is for two reasons: your baby’s skin is delicate, so I don’t want to expose them to the sun at its harshest times of day and the light is also better close to the sun’s rising and setting.

How long will my newborn session last?

Newborn sessions tend to last 2-4 hours.  I do a few set-ups and I make sure baby is nice and settled before trying anything, especially poses in props or that require composite imaging.

I build in plenty of time for baby to eat, diaper changes, etc.  Your afternoon should be blocked off, so as to reduce stress.  Just take some time to relax and enjoy how adorable your baby is!

What about siblings?

If your baby has older siblings and you would like sibling photos, we will do those first.  Older siblings tend to lose interest really quickly, whereas the baby is *hopefully* sleeping throughout most of the session anyway.  After their photos are done, they are free to go home.

Should I bring anything?

You don’t need to bring anything, and I prefer not to put babies in outfits bought from a store, mostly because they usually fit horrendously.  However, if you have something that is a special item, like a quilt a grandmother made, or a bonnet that has been handed down generations, I welcome that addition!  I just ask to know about it when we are doing session planning, or at least before the session, so that I can make sure the set-ups I put together will work well with whatever it is.

Have more questions?  Comment below or email me!  I can’t wait to meet you and create beautiful images to cherish years after your baby has lost that newborn scent.  😉


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