Here we go again…

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So I’m not always the best at this technical nonsense, and I managed to delete all of my previous blogs and website… I think.  New year, new hometown, new webpage, new blog.  Why not?  Just in time for New Year’s Eve celebration, my girls and I returned to the homestead to welcome in the new year in our home – still new to us, as we left quite early last year after moving in and only just returned!  Last year was a roller coaster of new and old places, new life and death – we are ready to see what this new year brings us.

One of the things I have decided to do this year is a Project 365, not just a Project 52.  I will be using MCP’s (technically) instagram 365 theme list and blogging weekly with a summary of the photos, but updating the homepage gallery homeblock and facebook more frequently, if you’d like to follow it.  I can’t believe we’ve already completed an entire week in this new year!  Here are this week’s photos:

bathtime, duck towel, baby, fresh and clean

What says “fresh” more than a baby fresh out of the bath tub?  I love that you can see elements of her sisters in this photo as well; one has her hand in the frame and the other a bit of her nightgown.  They were “quacking” the duck bill on the towel, while the baby looked around like she was thinking, “I have absolutely no idea what is going on right now.  These kids are crazy!”

MCP Project 365, Day 2, Free Theme Friday, Mischief, playing piano

(Yes, we still have our tree up.  We weren’t home for the holidays, so to justify having put it up for us to see when we came home, we have left it up a little longer than usual.  Also, it might be because neither my husband nor I want to take all the lights and ornaments down and put it away.  It’s not in the way and makes a nice night light…)  Now about the photo: this kid loves to “play” the piano and dance around.  She dances constantly, whether there is music or not.  She thought she was being sneaky while her older sister opened birthday presents.

MCP Project 365 Day 3, "Cracked," Homemade pasta

Ok, so I couldn’t make my mind up for this day.  I feel like the photo above looks more cracked, but I want to keep the photos in tune with what I like to photograph in my business: children.  So, I am posting both the above photo and the photo below.  The photo above is a picture of my husband hanging homemade pasta to dry.  We try to make as much of our food ourselves as we can.  That way we know what is in the food we are eating, and we are able to cut down on the amount of preservatives in our lives.  A lot of the time, it is cheaper, too.  All around win!  In the photo below, I decided to focus on my daughter’s lips.  The night before, they had been a bit more chapped, and though they aren’t exactly “cracked,” they have lots of little ridges and lines in them, and are a little chapped from the dryness here in Texas.  You wouldn’t guess that she applies chapstick like it’s her job.

MCP Project 365, Day 3, "Cracked," lips, little girl, children's photography, portraiture

mcp project 365 day four circles

Day 4 of the Project 365 was “circles.”  I had a few photos that I had planned out, but then the girls went outside and found some dandelions which they picked too short to put in a cup, so I put them in this egg dish instead.  I just thought this was such a sweet little moment, so I ended up going with this picture instead!  Sometimes, when you plan something, if you’re willing to deviate, something even better happens.

orange juice, morning, breakfast, princess jammies, children's portraiture

Every morning, the girls come out of their rooms in their jammies, lovies in hand, sometimes thumbs in mouths, and ask for a glass of juice.  It’s their version of coffee.

playground, climbing web, big sky, sunset, children's portraiture

Day 6, the challenge was “big sky.”  Luckily, the day was absolutely beautiful and we were able to go and play at the park.  I had been trying to figure out how to get a photo of my girls with the sky and not lose one or the other.  My fearless little climber came to the rescue.  She will climb anything and everything and seems to have no fear of heights whatsoever.  She has given heart attacks on many occasions by climbing something I didn’t think she would dare to…

Project 365, Day 7, "where am I?" Playing peek-a-boo with a handmade quilt, little girls, make believe, dress-up

All of my girls like to hide, although Ella is now a big pre-schooler and doesn’t play peek-a-boo anymore, unless she is playing with the baby.  Nelly will still play peek-a-boo occasionally, and I relish the remnants of her babyhood and she steadily leaves it all behind to be a big girl like her sister.  Everyday she talks better and is able to do more and more on her own.  She’s still my little snuggle buddy, though!

I’m planning to make an album or slideshow at the end of the year with all of my featured photos; what better way to look back on the year gone by and remember all of these everyday, seemingly insignificant moments?  Here’s to a fabulous New Year!

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