Goodbye January and Hello February!

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I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you that if your kids are having meltdowns and misbehaving, that you should put them in the tub, but let me tell you what: it’s good advice.  My kids love water.  They will “wash” their hands for HOURS if you let them.  I actually moved the soap up to where they can’t reach it, so that they have to ask me when they need to wash their hands.  It’s a pain in the tush, but better than going through a bottle of soap every couple of days and rashes on their hands from not rinsing all of the “bubbles” off…San Angelo Maternity, Newborn, and Children's Photographer

Nelly loves her Hello Kitty nighties.  She doesn’t even know who “Hello Kitty” is, but she sure does love that she’s a cute kitty with a bow on her head.  “Look, mama! Kiiitty,” she says every time she dons it, which is quite frequently.  When Ella has hers on and Nelly doesn’t, Nelly will unfailingly ask, “Where mine?  Mama, where mine?”
30/365 Free Theme Friday

We’ve been renovating our kitchen for the last, oh, six seven months or so, I think.  We are finally finishing it. I think.  We spent the weekend reorganizing the cabinets and cupboards, removing some of the doors for a more “open” look, putting up a backsplash (finally!), and fixing the outlet to the stove so that we can make it more flush with the wall. Phew.Kitchen Renovation

I didn’t see the new list for February until the end of the day, but when I saw that it was “vintage,” I decided to get out my old Rolleiflex.  How cool is this thing?  My Uncle Jürgen actually collects, refurbishes, and sells these, along with a lot of other old German cameras.

32/365 Vintage

This necklace was a gift from one of their great-grandmothers.  This great-grandmother has gotten each of the girls a custom designed necklace at their birth.  These girls are blessed to have two great-grandmothers and two grandmothers.  It is a little confusing when referencing them in stories, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  33/365 Delicate


Little Faye has been very interested in just what it is that everyone else is eating that she is not.  On this day, she was literally lunging herself at my banana, so I gave in.  I usually wait until 6 months to give the babies any food, but she is asking for it. I put a piece of my banana into one of those mesh things (so awesome!) so that she wouldn’t choke.  Her eyes were so wide and her face was priceless.  I hope she keeps those gorgeous baby blues!!!

babies, bananas, wide-eyed baby, blue-eyed baby

Today, I didn’t look at the prompt until the afternoon.  Chaos.  I thought, “how did she know?  How did the owner of MCP Actions know that today would be complete chaos?  The girls and I were out and about all day, without any semblance of a real nap, just going, going, going.  I looked around the house.  I hadn’t had time to tidy a single thing up today.  The kids came running in screaming from outside with blue hands and arms.  Chaos.  Yup.  That about sums it up.
San Angelo Maternity, Newborn, and Children's photographer

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