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It’s February!  Out of control.  This weekend, we were busy with remodeling the kitchen and I had some special orders to place for a client, so I didn’t get a chance to blog!  Here is the last bit of January.  (I can’t believe I”m going to be 30 in 18 days…!)

The 22nd had the theme “today.”  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it, but I decided that I’d choose a photograph that showed what we ended up doing on that dreary, gloomy day.  We decided to use the boxes we had around the house and make little “boats” out of them.  The girls were sailing about in their imaginations, not allowing the grey, cloudy weather bring them down.

20150122_0012 copy

Each of my kids has a “lovey.”  They are all named “Lovey.”  Perhaps that was a fail on my part.  I wanted them to name them themselves, but by the time they got to naming them, they were just “lovey.”  Oh well.  Each girl has a different one; with Ella, it was more we just thought it was cute and someone had gifted it to us.  The second two, my husband and I thought out more.  Owls are considered wise in literature (Nelly’s) and raccoons are very clever. We had actually searched out a fox for Faye, but there were none that fit my husband’s requirements!  He’s funny.

20150123_0014 copyMinimal” was the 24’s theme.  I chose to take a photo of just one little detail.  The little details often fall into the cracks, and I want to keep them fresh in my mind.  My girls have such beautiful eyelashes, I couldn’t help but photograph Nelly’s as she hugged close to me shortly after waking up from a nap.

20150124_0006 copy

Nelly loves to help me in the kitchen.  “Me! Me!” she always exclaims. “Help!”  I had already added all of the ingredients to make guacamole (yum!!!!), so I let her push the button.  20150125_0158 copy

This one was a difficult one; the theme was my favorite.  No, I’m not claiming the baby as my favorite, although she is a ridiculously sweet baby!  I chose this photo because one of my favorite things ever is sleeping babies.  They make the sweetest little faces (and if you are a parent, as much as you love your kids, when they are sleeping and quiet, it’s a wonderful thing, especially when they don’t sleep well!). This photo is a bit noisy and not as crisp, but I love it’s dreamy quality, which lends itself to sleep.

20150126_0075 copy

Metallic was the theme of pizza night!  Did you know that pot lids make excellent little mirrors?

20150127_0060 copy

You should see the tops of these rails.  Apparently these kids all think this crib is edible.  Here you can see little Faye taking her first taste of it.
20150128_0024 copy


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