My Story

One of my early memories is of climbing a tree in my front yard with my best friend, Stephanie, taking turns jumping out of the tree and trying to float like Marry Poppins with an umbrella. I had a little camera that my parents – my dad is also a photographer and the photos on this page are courtesy of him – had given me which I used to take photos of her as she jumped and as I posed her with the umbrella in the tree. (I still have those photos… They are epic. haha!)


As I got older, I continued to photograph the world and people around me, while pursuing studies in language and biological sciences.  I joined the photography club in college and went on to become its president for most of my time there – it was my way of sneaking in as much photographic instruction as I could without having to try to figure out how to fit photography classes into my crazy schedule.  You know what, though?  Life never seems to lead where you think it’s going to take you – after college, I joined the military, met my husband and we started our family.  That’s when my path really switched from the course I thought I was destined for.  After leaving the military, I thought I was going to go to medical school.  My husband called me out on it, though – he could see that what I really wanted was to be a photographer and gave me a shove in the right direction.  (I love that man!)  Since then, I have done many, many workshops and continue to learn as much as I can in order to improve my craft and give my clients the best artwork I can produce.




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