3 Weeks In and All’s Well!

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I decided to test out making a collage of the week instead of giant photos!  Let me know what you prefer.  I’ll still go through all of the photos and what’s gone on this week.

This week started with “dreaming,” and how convenient that all of my little munchkins decided to nap that day!  The eldest, Ella, was told she needed to go have some quiet time, and insisted that she was not in the least bit tired, so in protest, she would lie down on the floor… Yep.  Not tired.  Nelly also slept on the floor in her room with her head partway under a chair.  These kids, I tell ya what!  Is it odd that I love pictures of them sleeping?  I have thought about making a book out of them and giving them to them when they graduate high school.  haha!

Friday, per usual, had no specific theme.  The kids were stuck inside because the weather wasn’t very nice, so they decided to build a train out of every single chair in the house and every single blanket in the house.  Including the ones from their beds. Ok, correction: including the ones from Nelly’s bed.  Nelly was sitting in the laundry basket next to said train/boat/whatever they decided to call it in the moment, when they decided that they were going to be ghosts and put blankets on their heads.  Her hair is fine and got super staticky.  How could I not take a picture of that craziness?

Day 17 was “soft.”  I pondered this half of the day until I was kissing little Faye’s head and remembered how very soft and fine baby hair is, and how that is one of the things I want to always remember.  Perfection.

Of course, the following day was “hard.”  When there are things that can be opposites, it seems you can predictably rely on them following on each other’s heels!  This one was hard.  I couldn’t decide how I wanted to approach it.  Did I want to have something look hard texture-wise or demonstrate challenge?  Nelly provided the answer.  We went to the park because it was a gorgeous 70 degrees out and sunny.  She has conquered this set of “stairs.”  She still gets nervous, but she has always been my climber, and once she gets to the top, she gets a little nervous again and sometimes gets stuck.  It’s hard for her little legs and clunky sneakers to get up those last couple of stairs and then to trust herself enough to cross the gap, but she overcomes it.

Day 19 was a challenge as well: “motivation.”  How do you convey that in a photograph?  The photo I chose doesn’t exactly convey it, but I decided on it because I got this photo by trying to take a picture of Nelly.  What motivates Ella?  Competition.  She wants to be the one to do things and be in the spotlight.  I also chose it because getting a photo like this of her motivates me to keep trying, even though she is in a stubborn “cheese” smile, squinty-eyed, looking-away-from-the-camera phase.

Tuesday, brought us “whimsical.”  The weather was gorgeous again, so we decided to go out walking and exploring.  We found some dandelion puffs, and thought that maybe we could send off the seeds become fairies like Tinkerbell and Periwinkle…

The last day of the third week of the new year was themed, “bright.”  Most of the days prior to Wednesday had been beautiful and sunny.  Wednesday “dawned” dark, dismal, and cold.  We had to find our own brightness.  The girls love eating oranges and pretending to smile with them, so I decided that I would photograph them eating the brightly colored fruit.  Goofballs.  🙂

I can’t believe we’re almost getting to February already!

(Themes taken from MCP’s Project 365)

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