2 Weeks into the New Year already!

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It’s kind of funny how time goes by; it seems to drag on and fly by all at once.  Here in Texas, we’ve only been here for about 3 weeks, but it already feels like we never left.  I’ve been keeping up with the daily photos, which I think is pretty good, even though we are only a couple weeks in.  If you have kids, you know how crazy life can get!  Anyway, here are the past week’s photos.

The first photo of the week was themed, “blue,” and wouldn’t you know it, a Christmas present arrived with lots of blue things in it!  Ella and Nelly got Elsa and Anna costumes; the Elsa costume lights up and plays music, so of course the girls love it!  They have worn them pretty much all week and wanted to watch Frozen, “because we are wearing our Anna and Elsa costumes, Mom!” as they put it.
20150108_0208 copy

The next day, was the free Friday theme, so I decided to take a picture of my architect.  She loves building cities and castles and tree houses.  I think she does a pretty good job of it.  Nelly was napping, which is Ella’s least favorite time of day – she loves playing with her sister.

20150109_0186 copy

Day 10’s theme was “creative crop.”  I had a lot of fun with this one and had a hard time deciding which one to post!  I noticed little Faye’s eye peeking at me through her toy, so I grabbed my camera and got this shot with its natural cropping.  She has such beautiful eyes and I love how this draws the attention to one of them.

20150110_0070 copy

Day 11 was themed, “Happy.”  Do I need say more?  These girls love playing with their daddy and their squeals of laughter make me so happy.

20150111_0008 copy

“Orange.”  I saw this theme and thought, what in the world am I going to do for this one?  Painting.  Of course, painting!  The kids love it, it keeps them entertained, and I got my picture of the day! Everyone wins, right?  I gave them yellow, red, and orange paint only, to make sure I could get the right color in there.

20150112_0056 copy

During the day, this house is filled with the sounds of laughter and fighting.  Of course, I’m not keen on photographing them fighting, although I do love some of the photos I have of them making grumpy faces…  Anyway, they were having a little tea party in the entryway and I thought this was a good capture of daytime.  They do a lot of pretend and role playing games during the day.  Cooking and serving food is a favorite here.

20150114_0076 copy

Of course to counter daytime, the next one was “Nighttime.”  Every night, before bed, the girls brush their teeth, put on their jammies, and then their daddy reads to them while I braid their hair.  It used to be that I just braided Ella’s hair, but Nelly’s has gotten long enough to braid now, and she of course wants to do everything her sister does.  Her hair was too cute not to photograph her dancing about while listening to “Black Beauty!”

20150114_0092 copy

I hope you are having as good a start to the new year as I am!

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